Virtual Church Live

Virtual Church Live is available at and allows us to live stream and record from our Virtual Church platform.

After a live stream has finished, it is normally available to watch on demand when you have the time.

The video is provided through YouTube and does not require any app or special player software.

To access our live streams on a tablet or smartphone, you must not use the Jitsi Meet app. Instead in your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc) follow this link to Virtual Church and then enter the room name you wish to go to. You can do this by typing the name in the central box and clicking 'GO'. You will then be redirected to the live stream.

If you accidentally enter a Virtual Church room directly from the Jitsi Meet app during a live stream, then you will not be redirected to the live stream.  You may see a message similar to below.

If this happens, choose "Cancel", and leave the Jitsi Meet app.  Then follow the steps above to join the live stream.

Please do not uninstall the Jitsi Meet app, as this will still be required for smaller services, coffee rooms, meetings and other group events.