Virtual Church

Welcome to Virtual Church!

In these unprecedented times, now is the time to come together as Church.

The Vale of Stour Methodist Circuit have been working closely with the CTC to produce a platform to hold Church in an online format.

Using the Jitsi software, the CTC and the Superintendent Minister have built our Virtual Church Environment. And best of all, it's free and easy to use!

This is for our Vale of Stour Circuit Methodist community to be able to meet together for discussion, meetings, prayer and worship.

How does Virtual Church work?

Virtual Church works like real Church; there are 'rooms'. Multiple different groups can meet in different rooms at the same time.

Some 'rooms' have an open door and anyone who knows the room name can join in. Other rooms have a lock, which needs a 'room password' to enter; this will be sent out in advance via email and may be more suitable for children and youth work or confidential meetings. Each of our 'rooms' will have a host, who will open the room for use.

You can access our Virtual Church by browsing to and then entering the room name, or directly go into a 'room' by adding the room name onto the end of "". If you arrive at a 'room' before the host has opened the door, you will wait outside. When the room is opened by the host, you will automatically enter.

Virtual Church is currently available using a laptop or desktop computer, with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

For smartphones and tablets, we recommend installing the Jitsi Meet app which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Please find below links to pages with details on how to use Virtual Church.