Welcome!  Jesus once said: “Whoever has seen me has seen God” (John 14:9)

We want to share the message and example Jesus brought to us, of the love of God in action. Jesus came to demonstrate that God is with us in all the mess  and muck of daily life and his example of sacrificial love calls us to seek to serve rather than be served, to be rich in relationships rather than money or power and above all, to love our neighbour and to love God.  

In this context the Methodist Church is an inclusive, diverse and extended family – a safe space for all to journey together through life.   We don’t have all the answers but hopefully you will discover that we’re not about religion and rules, instead we’re all about finding God with us in daily life.

Below you will find links to what being a Christian is all about and you’ll find help with how to pray and guidance on how to read the Bible.  And most importantly, if you want to email or speak to someone, use our Contact Form and select the 'More' category or use the numbers on the Ministers page. 

Thank you for visiting – God bless you.

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