Coronavirus Resources Archive

Archived Coronavirus Resources originally shown on the Links page.  They are :

  • Links to Health, Guidance, and Support Resources

  • Links to Methodist advice, guidance, and ideas for mission and worship

  • Links to Family, Children and Youth worship resources

  • Links to General Support and Help while the Coronavirus situation persists

  • Links to UK Government, NHS and Health And Safety Executive links and advice

  • Links to Self Care and Mental Health Support

Please be aware that these links will take you to external sites, and although they have been checked,
the Vale of Stour Circuit is not responsible for their contents.

Also, as these links were set up during the early 2020 stages of the Coronavirus Pandemic,
the links are older, and may be broken, or no longer be maintained.
They are archived here as a record of the resources available during the Pandemic.


We trust and pray that these links may prove helpful, beneficial and a source of comfort for you in this uncertain time.