Church Technical Community

The Church Technical Community started in December 2013 when conversations between members of Lye and Providence discussed the idea of sharing technical skills. Technology impacts so much of our lives and as churches we often struggle to get the most benefit out of the technology that we use.

The Church Technical Community is a group of people who wish to help churches in our circuit get more from the technology they use. The community is open to anyone in our circuit, either as a member to meet with other like minded people or just to ask advice on technical matters. The CTC welcomes anyone who would like to get involved in any way.

In January 2015 the Church Technical Community approached the Circuit Leadership Team with a vision for the Circuit Website. The idea to build a new web platform as a circuit resource, for both communication within our Circuit and as an outreach to the wider public.

The Circuit Leadership Team has welcomed the principles of the CTC and it's growth within the Circuit and commissioned the CTC to work on the redevelopment of the Circuit website, taking into consideration the future possible redevelopment of church websites across the Circuit.

The Circuit website over the last few years have become complicated, difficult to manage and a huge amount of work for just one person. Over the last six months the CTC has been building the new web platform, and this new website is the start of the migration process from the old website to a platform where anyone can be involved.

Please contact the Circuit Office for any changes and updates on the website.