e-mail policy

Vale of Stour Methodist Circuit e-mail policy

In common with many websites, the Vale of Stour Methodist Circuit has adopted a policy of not including e-mail addresses as clickable "mailto" links that open in an e-mail program.
This is intended to prevent the e-mail addresses of people on our site from being harvested by spammers, and subsequently targeted by spam or phishing e-mails.

Instead, our policy is to display the e-mails as graphics, that can be easily read by a visitor to our site, but not easily read as text in the page's code by spammer programs.

Please copy the e-mail address of the person you wish to contact manually into the "To" field in your e-mail program.  We are sorry that this is a bit more inconvenient for you than a clickable e-mail link, but we are sure you will understand.

Thank you and God bless -

Vale of Stour Methodist Circuit